Friday, May 03, 2002

Well today is an exciting day! I've been training to be a waitress at Val's Restaurant this week and tonight I get to start serving my very own tables... which means MONEY MONEY and MORE MONEY!! No more $15 in my bank account (which is how much you need in it to keep it open.. so that doesn't help!) I'm sure everything will go well and I'm pretty excited about it.

T.G.I.F - that's all I have to say. This weekend will be pretty low key.. not much to do, little school work, but thank GOD I only have 14 more days of High School. I'm so so so excited to graduate - it's definitely time. UHart is gonna be loads of fun!! Finally I just get to do what I love doing every day for the next four years! Who could ask for anything more?

It's naptime.. gotta love those.